June, 2010

  • 1 June

    Easy Locator 1.00 – Location Tracking for Blackberry

    Easy Locator allows you to remotely track the location of the phone on which it is installed. A text message from any other phone will trigger an SMS response containing the location of the tracked device (link to a map …

March, 2010

  • 3 March

    Locago Mobile Map

    Locago is a free mobile map browser for mobile phones that allows to browse your favorite content on a Wikipedia articles, travel guides from Wcities, geotagged images from Flickr and Panoramio, houses for sale from Nestoria, business listing from Yahoo! …

February, 2010

  • 27 February

    MapNav – GPS navigation system For Mobile Phones

    Map Mobile Navigator (MapNav) is free navigation application for mobile phone with Java support MIDP-2.0 and GPS-receiver (Bluetooth or embedded, and other).You can take screenshots from map or any other information screens and save it in BMP or GIF format …

  • 12 February

    GyPSii – Geotag Videos and Photos

    With GyPSii mobile you can: Create photos and videos tagged to a location with your mobile phone. Connect by locating friends, finding ones commenting on people, places and update. Explore what’s happening and where, the places people recommend, points of …

  • 11 February

    TrekBuddy – GPS tracking and navigation for Mobile Phones

    TrekBuddy is a freeware GPS navigation and tracking application for Java J2ME mobile devices.

  • 3 February

    GpsMid – vector based map application for cellphone

    GpsMid is a Java J2ME mobile application with use OpenStreetMap Data. it’s free, fully offline, vector based map application for your cellphone. It displays your current position on a zoomable map and can be used to search for and navigate …

December, 2009

  • 19 December

    Wizi SMS with Location for Mobile Phone

    Wizi SMS with Location is a tiny application that lets you share a location by text message so you can show your friends where you are at the moment or where you’re going to be soon. It sends a tiny …

October, 2009

  • 26 October

    vlkGPS – GPS Navigation For Java Phones

    VlkGPS is GPS tracker for Java enabled mobile phone, which is suitable for applications such as geo-caching, geo-tagging, or simply for storing and retrieving targets.

  • 2 October

    Locle Mini – Mobile Phone Application That Maps Your Friends

    Locle is a mobile phone application that lets you find your friends on your mobile without the need for GPS.Locle works with all your favourite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Netlog and you can connect with friends and send …

September, 2009

  • 22 September

    TrainSchedule 2.2.17

    TrainSchedule is a Java (J2ME) application that runs on your phone, blackberry or PDA and displays schedule information on upcoming trains. If your phone is equipped with a GPS, you also can track yourself while on the train and find …