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Free! 4 Easy and Free Ways to Download Songs on iPhone

iPhone is known for its paid app services. However, there are still ways to download songs on your iPhone that you can try if you can’t afford to buy songs for a fee. iPhone does forbid the device to download illegal files including mp3.

You can try how to download songs on iPhone for free through the Safari browser, via iTunes, or Apple Music. And all of the above methods you can do easily and without hassle.

Curious how to download free songs on iPhone easily and without hassle? Here are some options you can try.

1. Using iTunes

If users are curious about free! 4 ways to download songs on iPhone easily and for free then you can see the guide as follows.

The first way to download songs that you can try is to download songs through iTunes. With this app, you can download songs for free or for free, depending on the song. Here’s how you can try:.

  1. You can open the iTunes app on the iPhone. Next you select iTunes Store.
  2. You can choose music. Then find and select the song you want to download.
  3. You should know that every week the iPhone will provide a song with a free label. To find free songs, you select single of the week.
  4. If you want to save it, press the free label on the song.
  5. You must make sure you are logged in using your Apple ID.
  6. If so, wait for the download process to complete. Furthermore, the downloaded song will be automatically added to the song album.

2. Using Safari Browser

Safari is a browser made by Apple Inc. which was originally intended specifically for the Mac OS operating system. Safari is becoming the standard browser for Mac, iPhone, and iPad devices. Who would have thought that this browser can also be relied on to download songs, you know. Curious? Here’s how to download songs on iPhone via Safari that you can try.

  1. First you can open the Safari browser, then look for the link to the song you want to download.
  2. When the song file is uploaded by the browser, you touch the URL address of the file. Next add the letter ‘r’ in front of the URL. For example, if the link is “https://laguterbaru.com/judullagu.mp3″, then the final URL after adding the prefix is rhttps://laguterbaru.com/judullagu.mp3. After that select ” Go “.
  3. You will be directed to the Documents app and then the link will appear there. Then select ” Open “.
  4. The file will open in the downloader within the Documents app. You can change the location and title of the file/song before the download process. If so, just select ” Done ” and the download process will begin.

Then a notification will appear if the file has been successfully downloaded. You can go to the folder where the file is saved to check it.

3. Using Apps

The next way is to use the Music FM app. The Music FM app has a variety of songs that we can download easily. Here’s how to download free songs on your iPhone via the Music FM app that you can try:

  1. First, you first install the Music FM app through the App Store.
  2. Once installed, you can open the app and search for the song you want to download via the search field.
  3. Later, various songs that we are looking for will appear and you can download them by pressing the download logo next to the song title.
  4. After pressing the download logo, you will see various formats and qualities that we can download. Choose the appropriate format and quality, whether it’s M4A or MP3 format.
  5. You can press the download button after specifying the format and quality.
  6. After the download is complete, you will get a notification on the top screen of your iPhone.

If you want to see the songs you want to download, you can open the My Music menu and then select Music. There you will find various songs that we have downloaded for free.

4. Using Apple Music

The next way to download songs on iPhone without iTunes is what you can try with Apple Music. This app is Apple’s own music app and already exists on the iPhone so there is no need to install it again.

Apple Music is actually a paid app, but Apple gives you access to a free trial for the first 3 months. You only need to download as many songs as possible for 3 months.

How to download free songs with Apple Music is quite easy. Users simply open the Apple Music app and search for the song they want. Then select Add on the song selection then look for the download button in it. You can enjoy your favorite songs offline with this app.

Apple Music has about 40 million songs, competing with Spotify for about 30 million songs. Interested in trying this free method?.

That’s how to download free songs from iPhone. Please choose one of the methods above and play your favorite songs!

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