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How to easily Install any Font on Vivo Devices

How to easily Install any Font on Vivo Devices – You might want to change the font on your beloved Vivo but you don’t know how to do it. Nowadays, you can find the instructions to change the font to your favorite font easily. Vivo is serving its users with an official website. The main function of this website is to solve a variety of problems including the users who want to customize the font.

You can change the design of the font and choose the best one that makes you comfortable while using your Vivo device. The website is not only helping to change the font style but also to change the font size. You will get the steps to change the font style and font size by visiting the website. Follow the instructions and use the new font style and size on your Vivo device.

For the fastest solution, you can just check the setting and find a variety of font styles on the phone. Commonly, you are using a default font. Later, there will be several fonts you can choose from the tool. Vivo also has unique font styles for users such as Camellia, Decor, HandBoy, Gentry, Cherry Blossoms, Appally, Bellota, Aspring, Apbold, and Aisoo. Interestingly, you can also see the sample of the font style so you can decide the best new font style you want to apply.

How to Change Vivo Phone Font with iTheme

  1. Download Chinese iTheme app for Vivo phone’s.
  2. Open folder Download, and click file iTheme_China_Vivo_cararoot.com.apk
  3. To install the app, choose Setting, and activate Unknown Source.
  4. Once installed, open iTheme and choose Font. Choose your preferred font from the list.
  5. Download and install your preferred font.
  6. Your Vivo phone will automatically have new font.

How to Change Vivo Phone Font with zFont App

  1. Find and install zFont app from Google Play Store.
  2. After the app installed in your phone, open the app to find menu options of regular font, colored font, and emoji.
  3. Choose Cool to see the list of unique fonts. You can choose one preferred font and click Download. Once download completed, tap Set.
  4. Next, the option Font Changing model will appear. Choose Vivo (FuntouchOS).
  5. iTheme will open, choose Lokal and afterwards, choose Font Local. Apply the font.
  6. The new font is activated and your Vivo phone will have better display look.

They are a free font style to use and you just need to download your favorite font style. You may download a few font styles and use it later without downloading them again. So, you don’t have to wait too long only because you want to use the same font style at a different time.

Indeed, using Vivo is fun because you can do something with the features and tools that make your phone more personal and comfortable to use. One of the fun things to do is customizing the font style to make the phone more interesting to see.